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“Mobile advertising is very important considering the fact that how effectively people are using their mobile phones to shop online”


As the term suggests, mobile advertising is advertising your products or services over mobile phones. Much like the traditional internet advertising that is done through search engines and other platforms, but on computers; mobile advertising is the exact same thing, but done through mobile devices. Mobile advertising companies are in great demand currently, because of the sheer volume of people using mobile devices and spending a lot of time on them. This makes mobile advertising one of the most effective ways of making sure your advertisement reaches the target audience, with very little scope of failure.

The biggest advantage mobile advertising has over other forms of advertising is the advanced demographic targeting abilities it offers – what we mean by this is that you can target just the right group of people who would most likely be interested in your product or service – by delivering customized advertisements to people who play certain games, use certain apps, visit certain websites on their mobile, and so on. Mobile marketing makes use of all this behavior information, and ensures that the right advertising content is delivered to the right audience, thus improving your chances of conversion.

The most popular ways of performing mobile display advertising are listed below:

Advertisement through mobile websites – it will surprise you when you discover how many people are using their mobiles to browse websites; and with almost every website having a mobile friendly page, it becomes easy for advertisers to target audience that visit specific websites and display only relevant advertisements.

Advertisement through mobile apps – mobile app is perhaps the most used buzzword on the planet today. Every business has a mobile app on the market for users to exclusively use, and there is no other better medium to perform mobile marketing than through mobile apps. Although games and entertainment apps take up the lion’s share in mobile display advertising, other services like shopping, image sharing, etc. are not far behind. This, coupled with the highly detailed demographic filtering options available, makes mobile app advertising a very lucrative option for advertisers.

Another method of mobile marketing is going the old-school way – by delivering advertisements through short messaging service (SMS) and multimedia messaging service (MMS). These two remain strong contenders in the mobile advertising delivery methods, and rightly so – in most developing countries, affordable mobile data is not a viable option yet, and in such places, delivering ads through these ways can lead to much better results. These advertisements can include picture ads, video ads, full screen ads, short and long text ads, and much more.

To sum it up, mobile advertising is currently the most effective way to get your message across to the right group of potential customers, and employing the right people is going to make a huge difference to your campaign. Aerate Solutions, being one of the best mobile advertising companies in Hyderabad, has got just the right people and know-how to effectively create, manage and run your mobile advertising campaign, from start to finish, without any difficulties. We are open to change – and we constantly take your feedback, and should you have any changes midway, we will make sure we try our best to accommodate it, as your satisfaction is of prime importance to us.

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