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Aerate Solutions is a fast growing digital marketing consultant company in Hyderabad that has created successful online marketing campaigns for our clients who have recognized our capabilities as masters in digital marketing trends

As a top ranked Digital Marketing company, we strive to bridge the gap between our client expectations and customer satisfaction by delivering Digital Marketing solutions through a completely new approach of building brands in this digital age. Our professional digital marketing experts and creative web development team at Aerate believe in providing the best services by delivering exceptional business value to customers. Our various services include:


Pay per click (PPC), over the years, has emerged as one of the most cost effective and targeted form of digital marketing strategy where advertisers pay the website owners when their ads are clicked by online users. In order to take the online business to its targeted audience, pay per click management is highly recommended by the online marketers as the advertiser has to pay only when their ad is clicked.

Search engine optimization is one of the most valuable marketing channels that has evolved over the years. The primary objective of all SEO strategies is to help your customers in easily finding your brand, company and product or about the services you provide. The word “Search” has a great significance in the online market. To reach the ultimate point of success in online business, you have to keep up the pace with the changing algorithms of search engines and be ahead of your competitors. High visibility of business related keywords in search results is highly recommended to flourish and gain success in business.

Product listing ads plays a significant role in advertising your products because it pitches in right when the customer is making a purchase. PLAs are basically image ads showcasing the images of set of products along with their name, price, associated offer (if any), merchant name etc. PPC (Pay per click) and PLAs (Product listing ads) go hand in hand.

Mobile advertising is very important considering the fact that how effectively people are using their mobile phones to shop online. If we succeed in making your products visible on mobile phones, then imagine the level of your product's advertisement and that's exactly what we do here at Aerate.

The process of marketing the product through social media channels is nothing but social media marketing. Social Media has become a place where millions of users interact every day, making social media marketing an essential part of your brand portfolio. Research on the habits of internet users do show that about 75% of the users (clients/customers) spend majority of their time on social media sites thereby creating a vast opportunity for businesses to tap these resources by using basic tools of social media platform by promoting their services or products/brand through social media marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the internet advertising techniques that allows any online business to affiliate themselves with web site owners (known as affiliates or publishers) using affiliate programs. Affiliates make money by generating sales, leads and traffic for the Merchants business.

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