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“Pay per click(PPC) over the years has emerged as one of the most cost effective and targeted form of digital marketing strategy.”


Pay per click is an amazing way of internet marketing, where you, the advertiser, pay an amount of money each time your advertisement is clicked. Hence the name, pay per click, or PPC for short. Aerate Solutions is a pioneer in PPC services in Hyderabad and will help you with the entire PPC process in such a manner that will guarantee successful results for your business.

The most widespread means of PPC marketing involve the major internet search engines. As people use them to look for virtually everything, advertisers use the search engines in order to place their ads on the top or side of the results that come up through the search engine. For instance, if a user enters the search terms ‘best gardener in Hyderabad’, and if you are in this business and good at it, and happen to engage Google to place your ad on top, you will need to pay Google only if the user clicks on your ad, which would then take the user to your website.

A caveat here is that search engines make it obvious that the ads are, well, ads – either by mentioning it in words, or using a different colored background in order to indicate the ads. Thus you need to be very articulate and careful while drafting your ad, so that you do not miss out on potential visitors or customers. This is where a PPC agency like Aerate comes into play.

A PPC campaign has a lot of work involved in it – it starts with the selection of the right keywords to be used. This is achieved through research and once we select the words, we organize them in a manner that the user finds appealing. The PPC marketing campaign then needs to be optimized to the user’s search preferences, which could include geography, age group, likes and interests, etc. Furthermore, once the user clicks on the ad, it could be beneficial to have a dedicated landing page on your website that serves the purpose the ad wants to achieve – a potential sale for your business.

As you can see, it takes a PPC expert to perform all these tasks meticulously, and with the highest efficiency. We at Aerate ensure that you receive more value than what you pay for, by managing the PPC campaign from start to finish, and we are also open to any changes that you may have to offer in the duration of the project. As an PPC expert agency, we have dedicated and experienced professionals that have worked on all major search engines’ PPC campaigns, including, but not limited to, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We know exactly how to make the PPC campaign work for you. While it is true that PPC campaign costs can increase if you are offering something that is offered by a lot of other people, if we can manage to turn our business into something more niche, we could narrow down the costs, while also being able to target a smaller set of people who are genuinely interested in your business, thus hoping for a better conversion rate as well.

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